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Please provide both your Parcel Number and the address number of your property. For properties without a number in the address, use "xxxxx" for the address number.

Note that outstanding balances are updated every day at 10:00 am by our office. These balances may not yet reflect any late charges due to the Spring Tax payment.

Parcel Number*
Please enter your Parcel Number with no dashes or periods.
Service Address Number*
If you do not have a service address number, please use 'xxxxx';
If your property was not found, try using "xxxxx" for the Address Number.

You may also register with or login to our website to view, update and add parcels to your profile.

Benefits of Registering with the Jennings County Website:
  • Associate all of your parcels for easy payments in the future.

  • Gain access to your online tax payment receipts.

  • Register to receive other updates from the county.

Tax Payment
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